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Hamid Mehmood

Founder CTO Lead Developer

Over 15 years of development experience

Youssef EA

.NET Expert Lead

Microsoft Passion and Android Lover

Rachid Jamal

UI/UX Designer Lead

UI/UX designer, with a huge passion for Sushi

Karim Salam

Mobile Developer Lead

Serving people and creating better experiences for them is the thread

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The Al Jawda Story

Al Jawda LTD is a team of people to help Customer with Consultancy and Technology Development to drive through Digital Transformation delivering real business outcomes.

Native mobile development is more like desktop than web programming, requiring knowledge of operating system-specific features, memory management, and hardware capabilities. Additionally, it requires extensive on-device testing and more rapid release cycles to account for the various device and OS combinations. Once the technical architecture is completed and the development spikes have exposed the key challenges, all development tasks are mapped out for the entirety of the application. We then work off of weekly iterations to ensure progress is easily measured, as well as encourage accountability. Rinse and repeat until the app is ready for submission to the app stores.

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