The modern computing environment has become so competitive with developers being required to come up with products that are effective in solving various problems to the users. One major field of software development that is vital in delivering high-quality software systems is interface design and development. However, two terms have continually made waves, and confused people new to them; UI and UX, especially on matters on branding. If you’re reading this article, then most likely you’re one of them. But not to worry, once you’re done with it the two terms should be clear to you.

What is UX design?

UX design which is a short form of user experience design is the process of evaluating and establishing user interfaces within an mobile app or website that provide better experiences when users are accessing various functionalities within the app.

What is UI design?

UI design which is a short form for user interface design is the process of designing the graphical layout of an mobile app or website  and how the contents and functions of the application will be presented to the end users.

What is the difference between the two?

The following are the main differences between UI and UX design?

  • Based on the explanations provided above, it is clear that UI and UX are different for each other. Though both terminologies aim to provide better interfaces to the users, UI design is mainly involved in ensuring the components and functionality of a system are presented on the systems interface. However, UX design is primarily involved in evaluating and optimizing the usability of a system to help a user achieve their goals.
  • While user interface design is used in making interfaces more beautiful, presentable, and appealing to the user, user experience design makes the interfaces more useful.
  • User interface design is only undertaken on the user interfaces of a system. However, user experience design is applied across all products that a user may interact with and related to the requisite system.
  • User interface design is mainly associated with the technical aspects of developing the user interface. However, user experience design is involved in project management aspects from coming up with the idea, developing it, and establishing an end product.

Final thoughts

Both UI and UX design are vital for any system. As an interface designer, it is necessary to understand both concepts and establish the relevant tools and methodologies needed to implement them within a project for developing systems that effectively present their functionalities to the end-users and better system branding.